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This is our family business with our own and unique transportation network we are Oussaden Tours, an international networked Moroccan Tour Operator based in New York City and Fez Morocco (Scenic Voyage). Thanks to a solid experience and old practice in the tourism field, we treat our clients with all hospitality and deep care.

There is no better way to see Morocco than through the eyes of a native. Oussaden tours takes you to the Morocco imperial cities: Fez, Marrakech, Meknes, Rabat and the fabulous Casablanca. Discover the majesty of Morocco: walk back through the ages of roman ruins at Volubilis, travel to the Sahara desert, visit beautiful kasbahs and discover the jewish heritage of Morocco.
Enjoy a novel experience in the true Morocco: a Berber village, a night in a tent, a special small family dinner, an ancient market and all the old Moroccan traditions.

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